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Sorrow Industries is committed to research and development that demonstrates our focus on future possibilities while utilizing the potential that lay dormant in today's technologies. Our goal is to consistantly produce new and innovative technologies that provide the world for a healthier tomorrow.

Our scientists are working hard to discover new ways to improve the quality of life for all mankind. We believe that the strength of our combined efforts will help people live healthier and happier lives. Our scientists are consistantly pushing the limits of cutting edge research and technology to bring us one step closer to understanding and fully exploiting the world around us. Experiments that were impossible and impractible only a few years ago are now conducted in our laboratories everyday.


Current Research (Summaries):

Cryogenics and cryonic technologies and their applications in preserving, maintaining, and restoring damaged biological specimens. Subject: Ursus americanus.

Stem cells and regenerative therapy of damaged brain tissue. Subject: Macaca mulatta.

Viral therapy as a life-extending solution. Viral zoonotic neuroinvasives administered in conjunction with terodotoxin and dissociatives as a method to preserve and extend biological functions beyond standard life expectations. Subject: Lithobates clamitans.

Neuroprosthetics rhesus monkeys. A Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) uses electrophysiological measures of brain activity to enable communication with external devices, such as computers and prostheses. Subject: Macaca mulatta.

Predictive isolation of genetic mutations generated by rapid organism cloning. Subject: Rattus norvegicus.

Genetic engineering and manipulation of neurotransmitters to enhance intelligence. Subject: Oryctolagus cuniculus.